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Kate Shannon

I'm an Illustrator specialising in children's books. I've freelanced for 15 years and I work in both traditional medium, (pen and ink and water-colour, and computer generated drawings using Corel Draw (vector artwork) and Fractal Painter, (Bitmap and vectors).

I enjoy illustrating and writing humorous stories. My first author illustrated book is "Reggie the stuntman," (Harper Collins), which is a behind the scenes look at a Hollywood blockbuster production. I'm currently working on some new stories, themes include Vikings, pop stars, and magic. So if you are an editor looking for ideas, please contact me.

Illustration Style.
Humourous cartoons, busy scenes and character development.
Artwork produced using both traditional media(watercolour and pen&ink) and digital media (photoshop, painter, coreldraw and flash).

Visit my web site: http://homepage.eircom.net/~shannondarby


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