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Gudrun Cram-Drach
Critique Groups’ Coordinator

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Critique groups

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If you’re looking for critique partners or groups or just curious to see what it’s all about, read on -

So far we have two groups, one for Middle Grade and YA and another one for Picture Books. As more members contact me, we'll create additional groups. I’ll keep this file updated, but be sure to let me know what you’re looking for.

WHO: Critique groups are open to writers and illustrators of SCBWI France.

• Maximum 10 partners, grouped by illustrators or writing format: PB, Easy Readers/Early Chapter Books, Middle Grade, YA, Poetry
• Based on a schedule determined by each group, members submit work and exchange critiques with the goal of improving their craft

• Contact the critique groups’ coordinator here and specify:
1. If you’re looking for a writers’ or illustrators’ group
2. If a writer, which format (audience age group and/or poetry)
Picture Book (PB)
Easy Readers/Early Chapter Books: approx 6-8 yr olds
Middle-Grade: approx 8-13 yr olds
Young Adult: teenagers 12+yr olds (YA)
3. Or that you had just been curious about what was in this file, and thought you’d say “Hello” anyway.
• The coordinator will put you in touch with other members or a group moderator.
In the Guidelines file you will find rules and basic procedures for running a critique group. Once formed each group is free to function whichever way works best for them. The for Moderators file contains additional information for critique group moderators.

One more thing, before submitting your written work for critiquing, we strongly suggest you do your homework on what makes a story function well. Read up on basic story structure and other elements of fiction. Any time spent on gaining a better understanding of how story-telling works can only strengthen the effectiveness of your writing and your critiquing skills.

Thanks for reading. All comments and suggestions welcome. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Gudrun Cram-Drach
Critique Groups’ Coordinator

read me first

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Critique groups:


Middle Grade/YA Critique Group
On photo:Recent meeting at La Ferme, 55, rue St. Roch
Domini Mudarres, Orel Protopopescu, Sarah Towle.

Other members: Emma Pearson Groleau, Tioka Tokedira,
Dhonielle Clayton, Anne Nesbet and Michele Helene.

Personals or Wanted section

Members who are looking for critique partners or who have quiet cabin
for rent may place their ads here !

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Gudrun Cram-Drach

Gudrun is a writer, animator,
and infographiste.
She has two middle
grade/YA novels in progress and is planning her next film in between
writing sessions.

Her traditional animation work includes personal films (One Skin, 2007, Catus interruptus, 2008, Where were you, 2004) and supplementary work on documentaries and animated shorts. She has
also worked as an editorial illustrator and graphic designer for
periodicals, record labels, cosmetics companies and book publishers.

Gudrun has an MFA in Experimental Animation from CalArts, a BA in
Cultural Studies from Eugene Lang College,
and a BFA in Illustration
from Parsons School
of Design (New York).
She has lived in France since 2009.

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